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Orangebd is the leading provider of digital publishing and archiving solutions that allow newspapers and other content publishers to cut printing and distribution costs, boost online traffic, and create new markets and revenue streams.

Opportunities of Publishers-


Ensure relevancy in the digital age by repurposing content to reach new audiences

Digitize content into reusable components that can be combined into new products to reach specific markets

Publish electronic versions of material that preserves the original look and feel

Create new business models to sell existing content in different ways

Reach global audiences and expand into new markets

Reduce printing and distribution costs for publications


Select from the demo links below to gain a greater understanding of Orangebdpublishers’ capabilities.


   Online English News Paper

   Online Bangla News Paper

   Online 24 Hours News Paper

   Online e-Paper

   Online Android Application News Paper

   Online Mobile Version News Paper

Online Bangla News Paper

Daily Kalerkhantho Somokal Jai Jai Din

Online 24 Hour News Paper Bestnews BB News

Online English News Paper                                Online e-Paper

Daily sun Financial Express Kalerkantho Financial Express

Online Android Application News Paper              Online Mobile Version News Paper

Babgladesh Pratidin KalerKantho Babgladesh Pratidin KalerKantho

Our Supports

Data Entry and Processing:

Free up your company's valuable resources and outsource your data entry to Orangebd.
We'll manage all your exhausting data entry tasks with our expertise and efficiency.
We are already working on significant number of various projects for data entry tasks.

Call Center & Customer Support:

Orangebd offers 24/7 real-time online customer support that delivers innovative, quality-driven, customer service solutions across all IT industry segments from home to abroad. Already We are providing support using the most advanced technology, comprehensive insights and experts via live chat and our own developed software named as “Support Ticket System”. We are also capable of providing such supports by using any other relevant software.


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