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The ePaper which is developed by Orangebd is lightweight, flexible, high-resolution, glare-free, and easily readable.

Key Features

1. Full page support or left and right pages together.
2. Image mapping.
3. Zoom in and zoom out.
4. Jump to any page.
5. Can preview as thumbnail.
6. Tool tip with every image.
7. Hyperlink on image when click on the image detail news will show Index.
8. Print Specific news.
9. Comments on specific news.
10. Comments Moderation.
11.Share news with social networking site.
12.Direct link to web version.
13. Search archive by date wise.

Benefits to Publisher

1. Easy access.
2. Connected to Database
3. 24x7 support
4. Faster Download.
5. Data Backup.
6. Strong & faster web server.
7. Quick modification.
8. Based on own developed CMS.
9. Strong Admin Panel.
10.Online ad facilities.

Benefits to Reader

1. Access a publication in its original format, anywhere, anytime
2. 24/7 with just a Web browser and no client software to download
3. Easily search, print, and email articles and ads
4. Access interactive ads and editorials

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