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Orangebd Digital Paper Archive(DPA) allows publishers to unlock the revenue potential of their disparate inaccessible content assets. Orangebd DPA transforms microfilm and PDF archives into a unified, searchable, standard XML repository that consumers and newspaper staff can access anytime and anywhere. This way you can digitize the majority of your active paper based documents. If you have a large paper archive, you can also opt for bulk document scanning of past records.

Key Features :

1. Helps you scan, index and organize documents with ease.
2. Multiple ways to search documents - find them in a snap!
3. Email, print and fax documents.
4. Easy to import and export documents and folders.
5. Check-in/Check-out documents and control   document versions
6. Share/Restrict documents by giving way role-based  permissions.
7. Create workflows to replace your paper-based   business processes.
8. High level of security using document-level access  control, encryption etc.

Benefits to Publisher :

1. Transform current and historical archives from any source format, (i.e. Microfilm and PDF, into a unified XML repository while preserving original layout and  full text).
2. Orangebd DPA can help you manage bulk  document scanning as well as scanning  documents on a daily basis.
3. Scanned files can be indexed according to  pre-specified process guidelines - this makes   searching documents easier.
4. Archive the documents through flexible for-pay or  ad-sponsored models by providing web-based access to customers, businesses, colleges, municipalities, researchers, and others.
5. Scanning documents makes them more secure  because in Orangebd DPA, you can control access to documents using role-based permissions.
6. Automatically re-purpose content to other applications, systems and content aggregators and also Archive multiple publications within a single system and enforce copyright management control.
7. If your paper based document archive and routine  documents are destroyed by fire or other such disaster events, your documents are gone forever. But if you have scanned your documents into Orangebd DPA, you can easily back them up online and recover when you have resumed operations.

Benefits to Reader :

1. Increase unparalleled search capabilities of  decades of content at a granular article, picture, or ad level
2. Compile headline-level search returns without PDF downloads
3. Utilize a centralized research tool where multiple  publications type reside within the same data  repository
4. Print and email articles and ads

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