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Orangebd is the leading provider of end-to-end electronic publishing and digital archiving solutions that deliver a unique combination of browser-based access to information, long-term preservation and industry standard compliance.

Benefits of Archiving-


Save money- No more expensive off-site storage fees, no more money spent on making multiple paper copies, or for reproducing lost information.


Save time- Eliminate the time consuming (and costly) tasks of paper documents: finding, reproducing, packaging, sending, re-filing originals.


Save space- No more filing cabinets, boxes, or shelves filled with paper documents. Space may be used in other ways creating more office space, which is very expensive to rent.


Disaster recovery- If a disaster occurs (fire, flood, tornado, etc), documents are saved on CDROMS, servers or on the internet enabling them to be preserved and available for the repair process.


Productivity- Electronic files provide more revision options, faster retrieval times, faster turn around times, and access to large quantities of information which lead to increased productivity by employees.


Communication and collaboration- Thousands of documents gathered together in a common electronic database of scanned and electronic files, allowing immediate and up-to-date information, increased collaboration, and improved flow of information. Information can be accesses via laptops, computers, the intranet, or the internet from multiple locations and computers.


Levels of client satisfaction- Immediate and up-to-date information and records can be viewed in seconds reducing call-back times, repair times, and lowers turn around times for subcontractors and clients, hence improving client satisfaction.


Accuracy and security- An accurate revision history can be compiled and once documents have been electronically indexed there is no longer the possibility that they will be lost, stolen, or misfiled. Security features may be added only allowing access to documents by authorized individuals.


Go green- Once documents have been scanned into the system, paper is saved because fewer copies of the information have to be made and the original paper documents may even be recycled.


Long term preservation- Once scanned, documents can no longer fade or deteriorate. They are protected from stains, rips, holes, mold, and other forms of physical deterioration. The quality of the images may also be improved by increasing the contrast or reversing the images.

Our Supports

Data Entry and Processing:

Free up your company's valuable resources and outsource your data entry to Orangebd.
We'll manage all your exhausting data entry tasks with our expertise and efficiency.
We are already working on significant number of various projects for data entry tasks.

Call Center & Customer Support:

Orangebd offers 24/7 real-time online customer support that delivers innovative, quality-driven, customer service solutions across all IT industry segments from home to abroad. Already We are providing support using the most advanced technology, comprehensive insights and experts via live chat and our own developed software named as “Support Ticket System”. We are also capable of providing such supports by using any other relevant software.


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