Complaint Management Software

recruitment The main objective of this software is facilitate the end user with more benefits such as Faster Data Entry system, SMS feedback on lodging complaint and after completion of requested service, and provision of periodical reports on request. It shall also help make workflow easier within management. System shall be integrated with Stock Management Software which shall aid to seamless management of stock which is needed to address service provision against complaints.

System Solution

  • Faster and easier data entry procedure by means of efficient and better coding
  • Complaint registry – Complaints received can be entered into the database via a state of the art dashboard. Users’ maximum information shall be retrieved from the database by Mobile Number entry or by Apartment number entry. One shall not have to enter all the information of the Complainant since it is already in the database
  • Requisition form generation along with product – After complaints are registered into the system, relevant action must be taken accordingly which includes provision of materials. This requires the system to lodge requisition forms. This function of generating forms shall be integrated into the system
  • SMS Feedback - Once a complaint is entered into the system, the complainant shall get a SMS notification from the system confirming it has received the complaint along with Complaint ID, name of the person work assigned to. A SMS shall be sent to the person the work has been assigned to with the information of the complainant. And once appropriate service has been provided to regarding the complaint, complainant shall get a SMS notification of confirmation of service provided.
  • Complaint Editing – Complaint details can be later edited in case of further findings and stock returns.
  • Receipt Generation – A receipt shall be automatically generated based on the complainant.
  • Stock Registry – Product information such as product name, code, quantity, etc. shall be entered into the system.
  • Stock Management – Stock inflow and outflow shall be duly registered into the system. We expect stocks to be of Complaint Management Department.
  • Segmented Reports: System shall be able to generate segregated reports against information in the database.
    • Complaint Register
    • Requisition Register
    • Stock Register
    • Stock Return Register
    • Periodical Reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, etc.)
  • Advanced Search Options – Advanced search facilities shall be integrated into the system.
  • Advanced Filtering Options – Search results can then be filtered with certain given parameters.
  • There shall be audit trails for all actions of the data entry operator. (Log Function)
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