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newspaper Since 2007, we've helped a number of publishers put their newspaper websites online using our professionally designed newspaper templates. They are successful with or without the print edition and have done a brilliant job over the years with our online newspaper software. Regardless if you are a startup, small, medium or large newspaper or just need online newspaper solution, we have just the right online newspaper templates for you to choose from. Our unique templates use the latest in web newspaper technology that stands apart from the rest.


1. Managing content on a news website is much easier as per understanding your business challenges, concepts such as content sections, articles, editors, reporters, etc.

2. We have developed our latest customized CMS in such a way so that clients can manage both 24 and daily newspaper from the same admin panel does not require separate admin panel.

3. We have developed Bulk news entry system in a way so those clients can entry the print edition news from the notepad or word file within the shortest possible time.

4. It's still common to hear stories of online news operations that are paralyzed by tragic data loss. Site backups are just part of our service. We always try to give best support to save you from data loss by communicating to our hosting company.

5. Loading time has been optimized.

6. We have implemented latest caching system.

7. Mobile light version that reduces the extra resource cost.

8. We have individual modules like photo gallery, video gallery. Also we can develop customize modules as per client requirements.

9. Anyone who has ever used open-source or custom-built software has experienced the frustration of needing help with a simple feature or a quick answer to a question and having nowhere to go. That's just not the case with our services. We pride ourselves on providing customers with professional support using a combination of phone, email and online support ticket systems.
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