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recruitment Orangebd provides an innovative online recruitment solution in Bangladesh where both the Employer and talented job seekers will be beneficial to hunt a talent or a job. and manage many other student-related data needed in a school. At present, schools are exploiting smart schooling technologies to achieve the very objective of building the systematic educational backbone for the society. Therefore School Management System is a vital/integral part of this technology. Benefits An institution using this system helps themselves to manage everything easily. This system basically looks after the day to day administration, attendance management, time-table, enrolment and many other services. The positive aspect about this system is that it can be used by any school, college or university regardless of whichever board they follow. This system is very beneficial because it brings together the administration, students, parents and teachers under one single platform. It helps in reducing the paper work of schools and colleges which they have to manage every day. It benefits teacher, students and parents as they can keep track on the on-going activities of the school. Parents can keep checking on the absent records, and project schedules of their child. Lastly, teachers can individually track the activities of every student. All these can be traced just with a single click.

Key Benefits

  • Non-intrusive and therefore very acceptable
  • Attendance of students can be taken automatically
  • It helps in improving the standard of the educational institution
  • It saves time which is otherwise lost in handling hand written files and documents
  • It is a faster method of communicating data i.e. teachers and parents can easily get to know about the children’s activities
  • Teachers can save time.They can do something productive and creative in the time which they would otherwise loose in taking attendance
  • Storing all information in this system will reduce the risk of losing data
  • This software is very user-friendly Features Enhancing the efficiency of school administration and managing student data is effortless and easy with Student Management System. It can be customized to include a whole range of activities. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It will give the school an affordable competitive advantage of exploiting the latest technology.

Basic Features

  • Easy communication management between stakeholders
  • Single login facility for each user
  • Stores, generates, and retrieves accurate data of students
  • Arranges classes and event schedules
  • Quick access to data anytime, anywhere with a single click

Technical Features

  • Data archiving of students
  • Student list which can be filtered by Grade, Section, Active Status And Inactive
  • Generate attendance reports/archives – Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Sort reports by – Date, Grade, Section, Name, Student ID, Month
  • Absent, Present and Lateness reports
  • Result- Academic Progress Reports, Tabulation Sheet
  • SMS alert
  • Email alert Deliverables Software


  • Add/edit student info
  • View profile of students
  • Search any student by ID, Name, Date of Birth, Class, Section, Mobile No., Gender
  • View Attendance: View attendance class, section wise
  • View class wise student’s info


  • Take Attendance by device
  • Upload attendance of student into web panel
  • Daily Attendance: Search by Day
  • View Attendance: View attendance class, section wise

Leave Management

  • Add/edit holiday month wise


  • Add/edit result term & student wise
  • Holiday ManagementAdd/edit other info (Working Days, Total Present, Communicative Label, Remarks) term & student wise


  • Promote student
  • Class to Class
  • Class to Board Exam
  • Re-admit student
  • Board Exam to Class


  • Generate Receipt for payment
  • Remission of fine

SMS Alert

  • Attendance
  • General Notice


  • Student Profile
  • Daily Attendance class & section wise
  • Monthly Attendance class & section wise
  • Monthly Fine report class & section wise
  • Academic progress report student wise
  • Tabulation sheet class & section wise
  • Monthly Accounts report by particulars of account
  • Yearly Accounts report by month wise


  • Daily/Monthly Student Attendance
  • Student Attendance
  • Academic Progress Report
And any other customization upon requirements
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