Schedule and WIP Management

Construction works are generally carried out by specific scheduled tenders. To schedule a tender, one has to make a list of requirement of all necessary resources such as Labour, Cement, Sand, Bricks, etc. for which prices are to be determined and the prices also vary from district to district. Schedule & WIP Management System is a system where all the items (materials) and labor cost are analyzed as per unit task (such as concrete, plastering, painting etc.). Each task is combined to do a full task/job. So, one can find any estimate cost to do a specific work with full customization. And at the end of the process one can evaluate contractor price, tender and their payments.

System Solution

The system solution is segregated into different modules as described below:
  • User Manager: The user manager shall have the following functions:
    • Add User
    • Edit User
    • Delete User
    • Set Access Levels for users
  • Items Manager: All items can be segregated by and be allocated::
    • Item Code
    • Item Description
    • Item Unit
    • Item Price
    • Financial Year
    • Location
  • Labour Manager: All labour (Skilled, Unskilled, New) details shall be listed and segregated according to given parameters.
    • Labour Code
    • Labour with usual tools
    • Rate per day of 8 hrs.
    • Rate with profit
    • Remarks
  • Rules Manager (Analysis): The user can set unit rate parameters into rules manager to get an estimated item/labour units requirement.
  • Project Estimate: Once the user finds out how much of labour/item required to build a certain thing, he shall then use the project estimate function to find out how much money it would require to carry out the project
  • Package: After estimates are drawn up, user can select multiple estimates and bundle
  • Contractor: Contract information shall be recorded in the database
    • Contractor ID
    • Contractor Name
    • Contractor Address
    • Contractor Company
    • Contracting Period
    • Contractor Fee
    • As per client requirement.
  • Tender: User can create a tender with this option. It shall contain information on Items, Labour, Contractor, etc.
  • Work In Progress: Once a work is scheduled for execution, the status/progress of work is recorded here in percentage form.
  • Payment: Payment orders are listed here and made accordingly against work in progress.
  • Report: User shall be able to make various types of report. All report can be filtered by financial year, type, location and all the reports can be saved in pdf, print or as required.
    • Item Based Report
    • Labour Based Report
    • Analysis Report
    • Project Estimate Report
    • Package Report
    • Contractor Details Report
    • Tender Report
    • Payment Status Report
    • Work In Progress Report
    • Schedule Book Print with Version Control
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