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Sisimpur is an e-learning interactive platform to reinforce the messages in Sisimpur's television episodes and align with MOPME’s sector program for early grade reading. They have been working in 146 schools, developing and piloting 40 storybooks in collaboration with the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME), Directorate of Primary Education (DPE), and USAID Early Childhood Development Mass Media Activity since 2005.


MyGov- আমার সরকার

myGov app is an E-Governance SMS for citizens to access Government Services more conveniently. Citizens can now regularly access 230+ public services through myGov. It has been ensured citizen accessibility through web and app. Citizens can easily register/sign up themselves to the system then select and apply for relevant services, make payments and get delivery of these services without any hassle to visit.



The Rural Development and Cooperation Division(RDCD) project encourages research and applied research on rural development. Creating a central database on rural development and liaising with local, regional / international organizations concerned with the subject. Modernizing the cooperative system in line with the needs of the times. RDCD helps enhance skills through training donations to cooperatives, to increase the efficiency of the Rural Development and Cooperatives Department through training. The aim of RDCD is poverty alleviation through timely new strategies on rural development in line with the needs of rural development.

National Portal

Bangladesh National Portal ( is the largest digital platform (Portal). It has sites with all kinds of information and services about all the Division, District, Upazilla, Union and nearly all the Government Offices (45,000+) under this region in Bangladesh. It also includes sites of Ministries, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Tourist Spots, Bank and Financial Institutes and others on their own portal under one Framework (NPF). Bangladesh National Portal is functioning as an information access gateway for the employees connected to Government offices. It's also helpful for local citizens & expatriates by integrating them with the Bangladesh Service Application Platform (EkSheba). The National Portal Framework has established an e-architecture aimed at centralizing all public websites with a Multi-Layered Theme under a single sustainable & effective Portal Framework. The National Portal is a great source of Government data. Based upon this data, a reporting dashboard (Reporting Portal) has been developed under this platform that analyzes data and helps the government to make decisions by providing different types of Graphical Representation and Statistics. We have a dedicated Developer, Support, and Management team who operates around the clock to assure that the flow of site engagement is as smooth as possible.


Muktopaath ( is a whole of government e-learning platform where different government agencies (Ministries, Directorates, PIB, BEDU, Bangladesh Police Staff College, BMET etc. ) publish their online courses and conduct different training programs to build up the capacity inside the government through this platform as a partner. Right now there are approximately 50+ government organizations actively working with the Muktopaath platform and facilitating 10 Lac users across the country.

Muktopaath is an e-learning platform for education, skills and professional development. Various educational courses and contents are delivered through Muktopaath to diversified professionals including teachers, migrating workers, unemployed youths, farmers, journalists, government officials and NGOs.

Muktopaath also offers courses and tutorials for the unemployed and under-employed youths of Bangladesh with a view to encourage them in self-employment. Users can enroll in their course and complete their course by giving exams, quizzes, assignments etc. And they can get their digital certificates after completing each course.

Muktopaath app is the first and foremost Mobile Application for the citizen to access an e-learning platform for education, skills and professional development. It has ensured citizen accessibility with the highest level of satisfaction with palm-top devices. Through this mobile application citizens can select and apply for relevant courses, make payments for them easily and level up their skills. The app can be run on the Android Platform. Citizens can now access 190+ courses from 54+ partners (government agencies & private agencies) through this mobile app.

Judicial Portal

Judicial Portal Framework is the one stop judiciary information and service access platform for the citizens of Bangladesh. The Judicial portal framework has been developed with multi-sites architecture and this framework also includes Cause-list Application and Judiciary Monitoring Dashboard.

Paura Sheba

The PAURASHEBA platform has been designed to facilitate the citizens of the municipality. Using this system citizens can easily apply for their desired certificates from both home or from the PDC. NID and BRN verification ensures their identity. All the mandatory and non-editable data comes from the National Data Center directly after every registration. That is why the certificate remains correct and verified. After a successful submission, the request goes to the Councilor panel; if the Councilor approves the application, the request is then sent to the mayor dashboard. The mayor can approve or decline the request. If the mayor approves the request, an auto-generated SMS is then sent by the citizen to collect the applied certificate. The certificate contains all the related information along with the printing date and a QR code for further verification. All the users of a municipality authority can check the transaction history and monthly charge record.

Amar Adalat (myCourt)

myCourt is the service delivery platform for all the courts of Bangladesh. Lawyers on behalf of the citizens can apply for the Bail Application, Bail Bond Submission, and Temporary Adjourned Application through this platform. Judges can process the application and call for the hearing through the myOrder System which is integrated into the myCourt Platform. Lawyers can know the total number of applied services, pending services, and approved services through the dashboard of this platform. This platform is connected to multiple systems like the Judiciary system, MyCourt system, MyOrder system, SMS Gateway, ekPay Payment System, Video Conferencing Tools (MS Teams(office 365 E1), Zoom).

Virtual Class Platform

The Virtual Class platform is an extension of the e-learning System, MuktoPaath. Study, analyze, understand and undertake full source code and business knowledge of existing government forms.

System has optional and configurable modes of notification (email, SMS) for both service providers and service recipients. This platform has its own, developed high-definition video conferencing/live streaming module which has almost all modern facilities of any smart video conferencing tools.

UP Sheba

UP Sheba or Union Porishod Sheba is an online platform that emphasizes digitizing union services. The Bangladesh government is approaching the ultimate goal of digitizing all service sectors which is simply termed as “Digital Bangladesh”. Orangebd Limited has created the first software in Bangladesh that will serve all the services of the union council and bring the services within the reach of the hands of citizens. Through the help of this system, a citizen can apply for character certificates, citizenship certificates, trade license certificates and many more certificates or permissions online that would otherwise be a hassle to the citizens. Usually a citizen had to go to the chairman of his/her union to collect these certificates or permissions which would be costly or be time consuming. Now, with the help of UP Sheba, anyone can apply for a certificate or permission from anywhere in the country. They simply need to type in their phone number and NID number to sign in. Then they can directly apply by providing relevant information and a very little amount of application fee. Their application is then transferred to the chairman panel from where the chairman can approve of his/her decision and the certificate is ready to be downloaded by the citizen. The citizens can save a lot of time and money by the facilities of UP Sheba.


Medquicker ( is Bangladesh's one of the top online pharmacy apps. You can purchase medicines online & get it delivered to you within 24-48 hours in selected cities. We also offer a wide choice of healthcare products including wellness products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby/mother care products, beauty care products and surgical supplies.

The Medquicker provides faster for all your medicines, saves you time, conveniently tracks your order status in real time, no hassle of driving/parking, no more waiting in line! Giving you the best online medicine store experience possible.

Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha

Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha is a national news agency of Bangladesh. The agency aims to deliver national news to the readers through their online news portal. It covers both national and international headlines that disseminates politics, economics and other news to the readers. BSS subscribes to international wire services AFP and exchanges news with Press Trust of India (PTI), Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Xinhua, the official news agency of China, Bernama of Malaysia and TransData of Australia. Orangebd was responsible for the design and development of the BSS website.

United Nations Population Fund

United Nations Population Fund is an agency of the UN that aims to improve reproductive and maternal health worldwide. This includes developing national healthcare strategies, increasing access to birth control, leading campaigns against child marriage, gender based violence and female genital mutilation. Orangebd was responsible for website development, requirements management and providing consultant roster for United Nations Population Fund in 2012.

Abhibashi Batayan

Abhibashi Batayan is an immigration portal that helps the citizens of Bangladesh to have access to immigration information, application process and training. Anyone desiring to migrate abroad can access this portal for getting information on government approved agencies that help the immigration process. Moreover, if someone needs training, there is also a list of government approved training centers that they can easily access through this portal. It also lays out the information of banks and institutions that deal with the finance department regarding the immigration process.

Bangladesh Tourist App

Bangladesh Tourist app is the first and foremost Mobile Application for citizens to access information on Tourist Spot Details, Way of Travel.

Finding tourist spot locations through a map. Citizens can now get all tourist spots information from a single app. The App possesses the feature of real time data synchronization connected to all web-portals under the National Portal Framework. No external Control Panel is required to manage the application. Citizens can search for tourist spot information in terms of Division, District, Upazilla, and Union.

Bhobon- Apartment Management System

Apartment management system or AMS is a system through which an apartment or building can manage their maintenance and operations. A client is the owner’s committee member or a single owner who buys the software for a fee. They can manage the software as a service (SaaS) and keep track of the tenants, flat owners or any other committee member. Apartment management system provides user management, facilities management, service management, complaint management and accounts management as their services. The admin accessibility for the client is classified as organization and building so that managing the software appears to be easy. Overall, AMS aims to make managing apartments or buildings for the people easy and simple.